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1. About GlassFish Users Group Japan

GlassFish Users Group Japan is a community (a user group) to provide Japanese informations of Java EE and GlassFish/Payara for Japansese Java EE developers. Almost all informations of Java EE is provided by English, so many Japanese developers would keep distance from it. We think to be better the condition.

Our activities is mainly the study several times per year. We'll the place that GlassFish/Payara Users, Java EE developer, etc. casually make conversations each other.

If you interested us, let's join us and enjoy about GlassFish/Payara and Java EE!

2. Our activities

2.1. Studies and Events

We'd like to hold studies and events about 3 or 4 times per year. The theme are GlassFish, Payara, Java EE and whole Server-side Java technology. We hold not only school-style seminars but only hands-on seminars. And we hold some events cosponsored by other JUGs or organizations.

Studies and Events that is hold us are managed gy

2.2. Forums

We use Google Groups as our official forum and discuss about GlassFish. Let's join us!

(You may also post by mail via

2.3. Social Networking Services

3. How to join us

Associate Member

If you're interested in the Group, we suggest you to join as a Associate Member. A membership fee for Associate Members are free, but we please to pay about social gathering.

It's seemed as Associate Mebers that All member who join to the Group until 2016.

Regular Members

Regular Members are who shall pay to membership fee. We'd like to notice you when its detail is determined.

4. About the the Group

We are Java Users Group certified by Java Community Process), and the third certified JUG in the Japan! But we are Association with no personality in Japanese law's.

4.2. Contact us

Don't hesitate to mail

4.3. Officers

The current officers' tenure is from April 2017 to March 2019.

4.3.1. Directors

4.3.2. Auditor

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